Grain Bins
We offer solutions from standard farm size to commercial size storage bins. Just Right are authorized dealers for Conrad American, Stormor, and MFS. Just Right move and build used bins and carry a full line of replacement equipment for all service needs.


Thinking of your first grain bin or adding to your existing grain operation can be facilitated with the help of our expert staff. Starting at 2000 bushel ranging to over one million bushel storage options, we will find the right fit for your needs. Storing your grain on site can promote your growth by giving you the flexibility of deciding when to take your grain to market for maximum profit. Never be at the mercy of a low market price.

Grain Legs / Bucket Elevators

With equipment from industry leaders like Lambton and Sudenga, we will create customized solutions for your needs from standard farm sizes to commercial size in a wide range of bushels per hour.


Grain legs, otherwise known as bucket elevators, range in capacity from 1,500 to 20,000 bushels per hour and can exceed 200 feet tall. Many options and accessories can be added to completely customize your operation to suit your application. Some popular accessories include various platforms, spouting, ladders, safety cage, discharge transitions, and more. Our experienced staff is ready to help you find the best options for your project.


We carry Grain Handler, offering the newest wave of energy efficient grain dryers on the market. Modular system designs allow for expandable growth without having to purchase a new system.

The high efficiency dryers we offer are on the cutting edge of higher test weight and expandability compared to traditional grain dryers. A wide range of options from 250 bushel per hour to 8000 bushel per hour will insure the right dryer for your operation. Because of the unique ability to add onto your dryer in the future your dryer can grow with your operation, never leaving a gap  in performance nor needing to buy another dryer.

Currently able to dry: corn, beans, wheat, canola, sunflower seeds, barley, rape seed, kidney beans, rice, mustard seed, milo, flax and all types of oil seed grains.

Grain Handler owners consistently see higher quality grain, an increased test weight a lower energy cost per bushel.


  • 400 - 7100 bph drying capability

  • Up to 5000 bph drying capacity on single phase, fan under models

  • All G90 Galvanize Construction

  • Most advanced gas train available

  • Advanced single control panel

  • Food grade quality drying of any commodity

  • Enclosed top eliminates moisture problems from weather

  • Ability to burn propane, butane, or natural gas

Grain Handler Brochure PDF

Moisture Control

Dryer Master provides all the solutions to insure proper moisture control. Having optimal moisture in your grain will add to your grain test weight, increasing your profit. We here at Just Right Grain Systems will install on any new or existing system and take the time to show you the user all the advantages of this integrated system. Once your control module is set up, it will look at the incoming and outgoing moisture content and adjust the dryer discharge rate to dry as much product as close to target as possible.

Dryer Master Users Guide

Electric Motors

We are an authorized Baldor dealer, including sales and services of all sizes of electric motors.

The general purpose motors we offer are available in both single and three phase construction. For those loads that are hard to start and require extra torque, Repulsion-Start Induction Run motors are used so grain moves every time.

Building Fabric Hoop Buildings

Span-tech is the premiere provider of large scale cost-effective solutions for cold storage.

With the addition of a Hoop style building, storage is limited by only your imagination. Livestock, hay storage, equipment storage, commodities storage, farm shop, construction site protection, and salt storage are only a few of the many uses for this competitive structure style. Doors, awnings, ridge vents, and fans are some of the accessories available.  From 19' to 132' wide, any length is possible.


With "Pride of the Farm" and Sioux Steel products, we care for your livestock. Feeders, Fencing, Gates, Chutes, Stalls, and more come together and provide the complete livestock system.

 Thinking of having livestock for the first time or adding onto your existing operation, we can do it all. "Pride of the Farm" and "Sioux" offer the highest grade of materials and equipment available anywhere. Our extensive product list will make sure we have right solution to any idea or need that you the customer might have.

Crane Services

Our full service crane and insured operators are ready to support you with a complete range of services, including structural steel erection, large-scale lifting, and safety minded rigging. We’re ready to assist you with any project, large or small.


With our full range of services using our maintained equipment and trained, insured operators we are able to complete any project you have in mind. From rigging and setting heating and cooling equipment to erecting large structures and heavy machinery. Our experienced staff will help you through the planning process so get your project completed on time and on budget.